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We Will Take Your Business Digital

We will help you sell on all digital channels in a simple way. All our tools are designed to automate your digital business.
  • AI-Powered Deep Analytics

  • Tools & Apps customized for your business

  • Solid & Proven Targeting-Strategies

Bringing your business online is easy

Our tools are built for simplicity. Our customers need a simple way to get start and be able to upgrade as their businesses grow.

Digisell allows Merchants and Businesses to establish, operate and control their business on all relevant digital channels.

You can start out on the channel that best fits your particular Business to then increase the number of channels and the sophistication of your operations in sync with your revenue growth. While some companies might start their own Webshop with us, many companies may initially choose not to start their own fully fledged Webshop. Instead, they may simply set up a marketplace listing, a social media store or start collecting the email addresses of their customers to establish their first digital channel. All this is possible with Digisell in the order that suits each unique business owner the best.

Sell on ANY Channel

  • Sell per automated Email

  • Sell on Social Media

  • Sell via Messenger & Chat

  • Sell on Marketplaces

  • Sell on Alexa & Google Voice

  • Sell on a digital POS

  • Sell on your own Webstore

Digital customers

Build long lasting relations with your customers through digital profiles and communication.

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Digital channels

Present your brand and sell your products on the digital channels where your target group is.

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POS & Stores

Enable digital operations 24x7 by using digital POS and webstore software to sell more.

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Our Customers Sell More

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Ralph Dixon

Taking our business online was a new opportunity for us and I got all the help and tools I needed to make it happen without alle the hassle.


Get started for free with your first channel (free forever) and choose additional channels as your sell more or let our AI help add on profitable channels when the timing is right.


For One Channel

% Sales:
App Cashback:
0 %


Per Extra Channel

% Sales:
App Cashback:
0-3 %
1.5 %


For All Channels

% Sales:
App Cashback:
5 %
AI Based
3 %