About Us

Digital Tools build for Business Owners by Business Owners who have lived through the local to global digital transition.

Simple & Reliable Services

We provide business with simple reliable tools to start, operate and grow in a digital-first world.

Simplifying the digitalization process for business owners is a key factor to achieve a manageable transition that removes the frustration and leaves the upsides.

Core Values

We believe running a digital business should be a simple process for anyone.


We believe in empowering the good old fashioned customer relation through digital instead of setting up anonymous digital processes.


We believe that local products can have a global impact when listed on the relevant digital channels.


We believe the digital POS and webstore can be a powerful extension of your business brand and built lasting impressions with visitors and customers.

Our Vision & Mission

COVID19 made it abundantly clear how much risk there is for retailers in only having a physical location, and simultaneously how much upside there is in digitizing their retail store business.

Businesses that took advantage of the Digitalization Opportunity during covid saw an average uplift of 27%, while the companies that did nothing in many cases now face bankruptcy. Covid didn’t create the trend, it just made everyone realize: Over the past 20 years, digital commerce has consistently grown 16%.

Making products and services available on digital channels can be a difficult task for the 50,000,000 retail business owners worldwide. Retail is all about location, location, location. They are not used to focusing on digital. Where should I start? What channel works the best? How do I get my products listed? Will my retail customers find me?


Enabling Retailers to use digital channels with simple tools to reach their existing and future customers is our core mission.

Retail Sectors

  • Restaurants & Cafés

  • Sport & Recreation

  • Beauty & Fashion

  • Fitness & Yoga

  • Books & Hobby

  • House & Garden

  • Electronics